The Pillars of the Yeshiva

The dedicated servants who carried the yeshiva upon their shoulders

The Pilchick name is synonymous with mesirus nefesh for the yeshiva—and the phenomenal growth and expansion that we continue to see is certainly due to their efforts.

Entrusted by the Rebbe, zichrono livrachah, with the mission of sustaining the yeshiva—Reb Yisroel and Reb Meir, the twin pillars of the yeshiva, accepted it without question, and would dedicate their entire lives to its success.

This entailed incredible sacrifices throughout the decades, but the Pilchick brothers were raised on a tradition of mesirus nefesh for Yiddishkeit and for Torah: Their father, the legendary Reb Nisson, the patriarch of the family, was the living fulfillment of mesirus nefesh.

Overcoming great difficulties, he built the shul at 159 Rodney Street in 1922 that became the court of two of his Rebbes, the Detroiter and the Rebbe zichrono livrahchah. The stories of his heroism for shemiras Shabbos, with pride and joy, continue to inspire the fifth and sixth generations. His intense chassidus is held up as a model for chassidim even a quarter-century after his petirah.

It comes as no surprise that his children inherited that spirit, leaving no stone unturned, anywhere in the world in their desire to strengthen the yeshiva.

Simultaneous to their daunting work in upholding the financial obligations of the yeshiva, hiring faculty and leadership, acquiring properties for yeshivos and camps—all the while assisting the thriving mosdos in Eretz Yisroel—they were revered figures in the halls of the yeshiva, sharing their burning passion for the yeshiva.

As their heroic work is continued by their second and third generations, more than six decades after they launched their careers, they remain pillars upon which the yeshiva expands to serve future generations.

Join the ranks of these selfless visionaries